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About is provide a platform to Gamers to grow their Gaming Networks like YouTube channel, Twitch Channel Discord group, Twitter followers, Facebook likes etc. We help Gamers to connect with other gamers to learn more about their favourite games know about upcoming games, about updates of existing games.

How Twichers works?

Gamers needs to login using their Twitter accounts. After successful login they will redirected to Settings page where they can enable "Auto Follow" option to follow accounts that are relevant fot them. System may take few days to identify your interests based on your input keywords or your bio and tweets.

Send Message to New Followers

If you want to promote your channels then you can enable "Send Direct Message" option from from the settings and need to specify your message into to "Set Direct Message" tab. Once you saved the message ot will start sending to your new followers. New followers mean the follower who followed your account after you sign up to this application

Want to send DMs to All ?

If you interested to send Direct Messages to all followers you have right now, then you can use our another service You can send upto 300 direct messages/day for a monthly charge of $30/month. You can also send Direct Messages for FREE. If you are using our Direct Message sending service for FREE then all direct messages will include links the bottom of each message. Contact for any support or query

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